Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Rava/Sooji Vegetable Sandwich | Easy Breakfast Recipe

Now a days i started buying bread often since my daughter like to have sandwich which she makes by herself.For one fine morning as i was thinking what to make for breakfast i remembered a TV show featuring about this sooji/rava toast and made this for breakfast.Do try its very filling and tasty.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spiced Walnut Tea Cake | Eggless Baking

I guess i baked a cake after a couple of months yes my oven was idle for a long :Donly with some cookies i did with it.This week i was so eager to bake a cake decided to do my own imagination with nuts & spices which led to this spiced walnut cake.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Some Best Doctors/hospital in my locality

Let me start my post with the quote i saw which says.

“The greatest wealth is… Health “, yes this is absolutely true .We all want to healthy and fit all time which remains a nightmare.Some fall sick often with lack of immunity while some will fight back the disease causing virus due to their highly immunised body system.

Climatic condition also affect one’s health and we need to take precaution for that too.Now a hectic season of the year has started.The peak of the summer is yet to come but now itself its very hot and we can’t withstand the rising mercury.When we  thirst our quench with some chilled drink soon  get cold/cough.Children often get infected soon due to virus as it is easily transmitted.


We south Indians mostly prefer idli /dosa for breakfast and to say the truth its the healthiest and tastiest food nothing can match it.We can make lots of variation in it by adding millets ,oats and other cereals.This is one way of making dosa  where it is made very thick in iron tawa/skillet.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Singaporean Food

With  multicultural heritage Singapore cuisine too  has variety  ranging from Chinese,Indian,Malay,Penakan,Indonesian and many other.One can say it  is the great place to taste all variety of food.

Food in Singapore are mostly served in hawker centre or cooked food centre which in nothing but a open air complexes which are inexpensive.We can see the globalisation here in Singapore which Chinese chefs experimenting with turmeric and ghee while Indian chef work with fried noodles and others

Being a food blogger i wish to visit this lovely paradise for food and indulge in it.If you were to visit there in near future do try some of the food i’m mentioning here .Their foods are mildly spiced which are not liked our south Indians cuisine  where we mostly prefer spicy food.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Breakfast with Guptaji's family

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it should be in such way as royal treat to break our fast we were  since night.It should be healthy,filling,nutritive and should keep as active all the day.We south Indian mostly prefer idli/dosa for breakfast which is more healthy and filling which make the day kick start with high confident and energetic.

Here Gupta family has a wide range of recipes to choose from for breakfast.Since they have a variety food to fill up my tummy for the first food of the day i wish to go there to have my breakfast.Guptaji  family members are very clever that they whip up perfect breakfast for any occasion.Some recipes which i like to have for breakfast are


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