Christmas /New Year Recipes

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Simple Broccoli Stir Fry | Side Dish for Rice

Looking for some easy recipe with broccoli then this is the one.Try this simple stir fry and enjoy the crunches of the the florets with hot steamed rice.Here i have not used coconut you can use it for extra taste.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Memorable Holidays

I love to travel a lot and i said this to my loving husband so that he may take me to many places.I always insist him to take us to holiday to take  a break from regular routine work and he too take us.Every year we will plan four or five days holiday to any new places.Due to financial crisis we have been to only one international place and  some national holiday.The places we have seen so far are Ooty,Kumarakom in kerala,Yelagiri,Goa and Dubai.Hope we will have fun in more places in future.We really enjoyed the holidays with our kids and the memories still rings in our thoughts.Each places are different from another and we have planned to see some places next year too.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Potato Kofta | Easy Potato Balls | Snack Recipe

This recipe and photography are totally by my daughter my duty here is just write this post for her.Every Saturday in Vijay TV chef Venkatesh bhatt share easy recipes and this is one such she saw last week ,tried it immediately that evening for snack.Most pictures were shaken only the above one was good.Since she want step by procedure took all snaps and i just made a collage.She made few changes in ingredients too.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Homemade Grape Wine | Christmas Recipe (with step up step pics.)

Grape wine

Updated on dec.2014(below is the wine colour i got in 2014)

This is my first try of grape wine & second wine to try.This wine was very good than my rice wine.Think all will be busy shopping ,preparing cakes&cookies ,etc.We too have finished our shopping, kids are waiting to go to native to celebrate Xmas,mainly they are not studying for their exams.This wine i collected items from three   blogs and  did  it.

Monday, December 15, 2014

My First Event with Giveaways

First i need to say some thing.Its had been more than 2 years since i started to blog without knowing anything about blogging.To say the truth i thought why not i too write about recipe after seeing Yummy Tummy aarthi's blog ,yes her blog only made be to come into this blogging world.Even  now i use use think how silly i was used to ask many people the basic of blogging.But now i can't saw i know everything about blogging still a lot to learn,yes learning is a big ocean one can never say i have learnt everything.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

My fear.

‘Fear’ the word itself makes  one fear.No one can say i am not feared of any thing ,
each one will have fear about something some will be silly or it will be big. I am a sort of person who fears for everything from childhood.I am soft spoken,calm and quiet girl who is not much interested in any adventures and so my life goes normally.

My fears are countless and i can write pages of it.From where shall i start from.When i was small i was even frightened to talk and hence even now i can’t talk boldly and loudly.I even stammer now to talk.In school and college i was a quite girl and i never talk much.Can you believe that i don’t know the boy’s name in my class.
When i walk on walk if i see a car/vehicle coming far away i use to stay behind  afraid of the rash driving they ride.When i travel by auto i very much concerned about the speed.I can’t tolerate the over take the drivers take on road and i pray till i reach the place safe.Another fear is the people who cross the road while i travel by bus/auto or any vehicle.Once while i was seated at back of a bike i just jumped down when seeing a lady crossing her bike before us just not bother to look back.Due to my jump the person taking me got hurt and i didn’t.


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