Sunday, February 01, 2015

With Quikr Nxt No Fikar

Once there was days when people had unused old stuffs lying on their house without any care.Although they work well they do not want them since they have purchased or got new item of it.But this is not the case now, if you upgrade a new gadgets or vehicle you can easily sell your old product for decent money through many ways and one such is through Quikr.

Quikr is place where one can easily sell or buy vehicle,electronics,household small and big appliances.Apart from this they also have services like matrimony,education,entertainment and
jobs listing too.With their new app  Quikr Nxt the deal between selling and buying is much more easy and convenient.The  three reasons why i may choose this option are:

Saturday, January 31, 2015

A little about her .... #UseYourAnd

Children are the best gift in one’s family life.If a couple is blessed with a child soon then their life journey joyfully starts with them.But today we see many couple long and wait for it.It was not the case in my life.Soon after my marriage i was immediately blessed to carry a child in my womb.No words to express my motherhood feeling.In my in-law’s family they were expecting a boy child but we parent want it to be girl child.By the grace of God our wish came true,yes it was healthy female child.Grandma’s will say if the eldest child is a female then that family will prosper more in wealth.Yes slowly and steady we too shot up.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Sprouts Sandwich | Sprouts Potato Sandwich | Healthy Breakfast

Yesterday for after school snack i made this for my kids.Super healthy and easy,do try this and give nutritious food for children.

Thursday, January 29, 2015 website Review | On-line Shopping Coupons Site

One of the most important advantage of  this Internet boom is on line shopping.One can sit on relax place and shop whatever he/she wishes to.From apparel to books,electronics to mobiles,kitchen appliances to grocery,toys to beauty products,etc,etc.In today's fast life one has no time to be in crazy traffic for long hours to reach a mall/shop for shopping.Apart from time on-line shopping provides us huge variety one can easily opt to buy whatever he wishes irrespective of the distance. Yes we can buy what ever we like from another country too which is really appreciated in this on-line shopping.

Other than this if a site give discount coupons or deals in addition how it will be.simple is one such e-commerce website which provide discount coupons/deals of various site.

Hakka Egg -Vegetable Noodles

My children love noodles , even if i give it for all three times  for meal they will happily eat it.Yes it is always welcomed in my house i think probably almost all kids love it.I buy instant 2 minutes noodles sometimes and plain one more often as i can add loads of veggies to it.Two days before i made this for dinner.It was more filling  and yummy .

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pimples ,I wish not to be

Pimples… pimples are major problem during teenage/adolescence.Almost everyone irrespective of gender  must have come across this problem.Apart for gender another main cause of pimples is the skin type.I will say people with normal skin are blessed because their skin will clear,soft and flawless.Oily skin people will have pimples on their skin and in  normal /dry skin people the effect of this is nil or less.

When i was in my teenage my skin was oily and i too suffered a bit with this pimples and allergies.When ever i changed my soap/face cream,face powder immediately the next day my face skin will rashes,marks and skin problems.As i was doing my schooling that age and to avoid funny commands from school mates do know what i did, i just prick them with my nails and i am experiencing the affect of that now, yes i have more open pores and marks on my face.


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